Goa is offering a intriguing variety of cuisines- each as colorful , tangy and hot.There is christian food and hindu food, brahmin and non- brahmin, cuisine influenced by Kashmiris, Muslims (goa was annexed by the Mohammaden rulers of Bijapur) and Portiguese (who came in the early 16 th century and stayed until the mid 20’s)- all results to an exquisite cusine of a rich variety of culinary styles. Rice is the staple like  its neighbouring states and fish and fish products are eaten in all time.Hindus like lamb  and chicken, and they use Cocum as the souring agent, while christians prefer pork and vinegar as the souring agent.Coconut plays an important role in cooking in all regions, and they  combined different tastes like hot, sweet, sour, and tangy in a single dish to create there own culinary wonders.See full size image



750 GM fish,      100 ml oil,        50 gm onion sliced,       100 ml first extract coconut milk,    100 ml 2nd extract coconut milk,        5 greenchillies slitted,        50 gm tomatoes chopped,      salt

Make paste-   15 whole red chillies,  15 gm coriander seeds,     5 gm cumin seeds,    5 gm turmeric,    5 gm garlic,    5 gm ginger,     40 gm tamarind

Method-  Heat oil,saute onions until golden brown, add  tomatoes and the ground paste, bhunnao for a while and add 2nd extract of coconut milk  and 300 ml water.boil for a while, add the fish pieces and green chilli, simmer 4-5 minutes and adjust seasoning.Add the 1st extract coconut milk and just give a boil and remove.


650 GM cubed pork,     100 gm oil,        50 gm onion,     200 gm potatoes,    100 gm pickled onions,   15 gm coriander chopped,  

Marination-  120 ml malt vinegar,  5gm pounded black pepper,  3 slit green chillies,  6 cardomom, 6  cloves, 5gm sugar, salt (mix all this and marinate the pork for 1 hour)

Make paste- 8 whole red chilli,  6 sticks cinnamon,  3gm cumin,  10gm coriander seeds,   3 gm turmeric,     30 gm ginger,    10 gm garlic,   100 ml malt vinegar

Method-  Heat oil in a pan, add onions and saute over medium heat until golden brown, add the paste and bhunnao until the fat leaves the masala. Then add the pork alongwith the marinade ,stir well add water(5 cups) bring to boil,and keeep simmering till the pork is done,add fried cubed potatoes and pickled onion and cook till the potatoes are soft, check seasoning and garnish with chopped coriander


1 kg prawns,     100 ml oil,   100 gm onion sliced,  salt

Make paste-  15 whole red chillies, 2 stick cinnamon, 20 gm cumin, 5 gm turmeric,   30 gm ginger, 12 cloves,  90 ml malt vinegar

Method-  heat oil, add onions and saute till golden,,.Add the paste  and bhunnao in slow flame until the paste is cooked and leave the sides. Then add the cleaned ,deveined prawns and bhunno til it done and dry,adjust seasoning.


650 gm cubed pork,   225 gm cubed pork liver,    3 gm turmeric,  salt,  oil to fry,  300 gm butter,  150 gm onions sliced,  100 gm tomatoes chopped,  100 ml pork blood optional,15 ml vinegar

Make paste- 30 gm ginger, 5gm garlic, 5 whole red chilli, 3 gm cumin, 5 gm bl. pepper, 3 cloves and 3 cardomom

Method-  Mix 1 tbsp each of vinegar and water and boil,add blood and boil until it thickens,remove, cool, and refrigerate until it soldifies and grate and keep aside. Clean the pork and liver.Blanch liver with turmeric, salt ,drain .Heat oil, shallow fry the pork and liver seperately over high heat until golden brown.

Melt butter, saute onions,add tomatoes,saute and add the paste and bhunno.Then add the meat , add water(4 cup),bring to boil simmer till the pork is cooked , add liver cook for 7-10 min,add the grated blood and stir.adjust seasoning