Adhidhi Devo Bhava

As per Indian tradition the guests to be treat like Gods,with most care and courtesy. For that we need professionally trained staffs for every single organizations under the hospitality sector. To sharpen their abilities, recognise and clarify the weak points,impart further knowledge, update their skills,for all these we need proper human resource development.

Keeping that in mind we organized various training programmes for hotel staffs and management.This programmes will be usefull for all upcoming, new and existisng organizations under the hospitality industry such as hotels, resorts, restaurants and homestays. It includes

                                              *Menu Planning

                                              *Kitchen layout and organizing

                                              *Restaurant setting

                                              *Kitchen and Restaurant staff training

                                              *Cookery classess

                                              *Workshops and Seminars

                                              *Complete training package for hotels,resorts, restaurants and homestays


1.Menu Planning and Implementation –  (3  days)

2.Kitchen Management – (3 days)

3.Food and Beverage control  -(3 days)

4.Safe Food Technology –  (3 days)

5. World Cuisine Orientation (Indian, Chinese, Continental, Mexican, Italian, American, Thai, Malay, Middle Eastern, Mediterannean cuisines) each  3 days

6.World Cuisine- complete package  -(10 days)

7.Cookery classess– (1 day per session )

8.Essentials of Waiter– (3 days)

9. Beverages and Cocktails –(3 days)

10. Restaurant Management –(3 days)

11. Complete Food and Beverage training package  –(1 month )

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