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Welcome to the World of Chef Soju Philip

Sunday Aug 30, 2009

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chettinad food

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The field of cooking has witnessed a number of experiments and inventions in the past and it still continues. Each and every country and it regions has different ethnic cooking styles and dishes which resembles its culture, peoples, geographical aspects, religious beliefs and social status. The history and culture of gastronomy is at its heart, an integral part of its art and a source of inspiration; it also acts as a prompt for change. In a world of international values and multicultural influences, today’s chefs still owe their fundamental skills in large part to those who played a major role in the development of classic cooking.

Gastronomy reflects society, and studying its past provides as a  glimpse of the history of society itself. Its not static. Like music and other arts it has never ceased to evolve. We  should always be ready to assess the past in the light of current knowledge and to consider new trends and styles in the context of dishes enjoyed by  the previous generations. Cooking reflects the customs of its age and present day habits and preferences and availability  as well as those of the immediate past.

Join us for a great gastronomic tour through the various cuisines of world. Enrich with the customs, culture and traditions along with the food and explore it by  country by country and region by region. Also get along with many festivities and celebrations coincides with it, detailed descriptions and recipes of each region, ingredients and food facts etc etc ……..There are much awaits you.

As  your visit continues through the world of gastronomy and share in the excitement  of discovery, we hope that this , with its thorough and painstaking research, makes cooking and eating an even more pleasurable experience. BON  APPETITE…………………..

Chef  Soju Philip

fisher man of kerala

fisher man of kerala

Indian spices

Indian spices

greek salad

greek salad




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